Bernadette Rosthenhausler-Espinoza - Principal
Contact Ms. R by email

Adam Steiner - Assistant Principal
Contact Adam Steiner by email
Office Staff
Luba Wishman - Office Manager
Contact Ms. Luba by email

Clara Reyes - Community Liaison
Contact Ms. Clarita by email
Support Staff
Ms. Engler - Curriculum Service Provider (CSP)
Contact Ms. Engler by email

Ms. Lewis - Dean of Students
Contact Dean Lewis by email

Ms. Thomas - RESET room
Contact Ms. Thomas by email

Mr. Curry - Library
Contact Mr. Curry by email

Ms. Diaz - RTI
Contact Ms. Diaz by email

Ms. Vasquez - Reading Intervention
Contact Ms. Vasquez by email
Health Office
Heather Shaw - School Nurse
Contact Nurse Heather by email

Jennifer Graham - Health Assistant
Contact Ms. Graham by email
Ex Ed Resource
Ms. Ampong - MS Autism
Contact Ms. Ampong by email

Ms. Cole - MS ID
Contact Ms. Cole by email

Ms. Campbell - MD
Contact Ms. Campbell by email

Ms. Bisschop - MS ELA Resource
Contact Ms. Bisschop by email

Ms. Schmit - ES Resource
Contact Ms. Schmit by email

Dr. Bernier - Psychologist
Contact Dr. Bernier by email

TBA - Social Worker

Ms. McLenithan - Speech Pathologist
Contact Ms. McLenithan by email

Ms. Russell - OT
Contact Ms. Russel by email
Middle School Math
Ms. Jackson - 6th Grade
Contact Ms. Jackson by email

Ms. Nields - 7th Grade
Contact Ms. Nields by email

Ms. Lesco - 8th Grade and Algebra 1
Contact Ms. Lesco by email
Middle School Language Arts
Ms. Ibarra - Writing
Contact Ms. Ibarra by email

Ms. Livingston - Writing
Contact Ms. Livingston by email

Ms. Marchioni - Reading
Contact Ms. Marchioni by email

Ms. Zettlemoyer - Reading
Contact Ms. Zettlemoyer by email
MS Electives
Ms. Q - Art
Contact Ms. Q by email

Mr. Rawdin - Band/Orch
Contact Mr. Rawdin by email

Mr. Dee - PE
Contact Mr. Dee by email

Ms. Kanis - MS Skills
Contact Ms. Kanis by email
Middle School Science
Ms. Cassano - 6th Grade and Engineering
Contact Ms. Cassano by email

Mr. Chamberlain - 7th Grade
Contact Mr. Chamberlain by email

Ms. Chenevert-Steffler - 8th Grade
Contact Ms. Chenvert-Steffler by email
Ms. Silvas - Grammar
Contact Ms. Silvas by email

Ms. Pederson - ELD Coordinator
Contact Ms. Pederson by email
Middle School Social Studies
Mr. Gerard - 6th Grade and 7th Grade
Contact Mr. Gerard by email

Ms. King - 7th Grade and 8th Grade
Contact Ms. King by email
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